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ISW & Law Enforcement

Founded by a retired law enforcement officer, ISW and it's employees have made it our mission to show our continued support and gratitude to the men and women who protect our country.  Part of that support includes the development of our law enforcement suppressors and our trade program. 

Suggested Suppressors for Law Enforcement Application:


This barrel forward suppressor was specifically designed with law enforcement in mind.  Made from Titanium for durability and to maintain a lightweight profile, it delivers superior sound suppression.

Providing Multiple Benefits:

  • Reduces Hearing Loss & BOP Effects

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Mono Core Design To Reduce The Possibility of Baffle Strikes

  • No Armorer or Special Training Needed To Install or Maintain

ISW Law Enforcement Trade Program

Idaho Suppressor Works’ (ISW) Law Enforcement Trade Program is designed to help law enforcement get suppressors on their patrol rifles.  ISW will trade suppressors to law enforcement in exchange for Evidence, Seizure and Surplus items – working or not. 


  • Evidence and Seizure Firearms & Parts

  • Surplus Duty Weapons & Ammo

  • Surplus Duty Items and Tactical Gear

  • Patrol Cars

  • Less Lethal

  • Seizure Vehicles, Boats & Aircraft

  • Nearly anything with some value left in it.

Because we make it our goal to get suppressors on  your firearms, ISW can find a value in most items.  If your department/agency has surplus items that you aren't sure what to with, or what you have for trade is not something we have listed, we are still more than happy to look over your list of items.  ISW will work with the agency to ensure that the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Trade Progra
Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss In Law Enforcement

More law enforcement personnel are retiring early due to hearing loss than ever before and agencies are paying millions in disability every year.  A recent NIOSH Report stated that “A serious health risk exists for law enforcement officers because of noise levels and concussive force produced by their firearms…”  This concussive force, Blast Overpressure (BOP) cannot be mitigated through ear protection and travels through the body, devastating any cavity organs filled with gas, i.e. the sinuses, ear canal, lungs and heart.


Besides the multiple health effects, the financial burden to agencies is well documented.  Recently, the city of Spokane, WA equipped all of their agency’s patrol rifles with suppressors at the cost of $115,000 to the agency after five of their officers filed claims for hearing loss as a result of gunfire.  In another case, a settlement equivalent to $212 million USD was awarded to officers in the UK to cover hearing related disorders.  And in 2011 NYPD settled a hearing loss related case that cost the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation alone.


The most immediate and cost efficient way to mitigate these health concerns is to add suppressors to patrol and SWAT rifles.  Suppressors not only drastically reduce noise levels, they also prevent BOP – protecting your officers during training and in the line of duty.

The below document further explains the effects and cost of hearing loss, as well as Blast Overpressure (BOP).

Click HERE to Read
the article relating to Spokane Police Dept.

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